RD2023 Proceedings publication

Continuing the tradition of previous RD Meetings, participants are invited to submit a manuscript for publication as a chapter in the proceedings volume of the RD2023 meeting. The volume will be edited by the meeting organizers and has an anticipated publication date in 2024. We have a contract to publish the book in Springer’s series, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology, which means that each chapter is searchable on PubMed and can be cited as an article with a PMID (Adv. Exp. Med. Biol.), rather than a book chapter. All attendees are encouraged to submit a chapter. Each published book since 2010 has been published both as a hard-bound book and e-book, and chapters can be downloaded separately. Each book has on average about 300,000 chapter downloads (reads) within a few years of publication. Chapter downloads and citations in the primary literature clearly demonstrate that chapters are read and have a high impact on the field.

Chapter Content: Authors can choose to submit a small research article, a short perspective, or a short review. Please find detailed author instructions by following the link below. Due to the expected large number of submissions and the limited space in the book, authors must follow the instructions carefully and pay special attention to the length of their manuscript. Manuscripts that exceed the specified length will be returned to the authors for reduction in length. Please submit your manuscripts as specified in the instructions to Catherine Bowes Rickman (bowes007@duke.edu).

The deadline for submission of a chapter is November 30, 2023.

Manuscripts submitted after the deadline will not be considered for publication. Use this link to download a zip file containing instructions, examples, and required forms. If there are any questions not answered by the included instructions, please feel free to contact Catherine Bowes Rickman (bowes007@duke.edu).

Important: Travel Awardees other than graduate students are required to submit a chapter as a condition of their award. Awardees who are graduate students are encouraged but not required to submit a chapter.