BrightFocus Macular Fast TrackTM Workshop

October 23, 2023
Hotel Amaragua, Torremolinos, Spain

The RD Meeting organizers have partnered with the BrightFocus Foundation to host the BrightFocus Macular Fast TrackTM Workshop as a pre-RD2023 event. The Macular Fast Track Workshop will take place the day before the RD meeting in the same venue as the RD2023 meeting. This educational Workshop includes lectures from world-class macular degeneration scientists known for their contributions to this field. The speakers and topics covered in this full-day program are listed below. The topics selected for inclusion in the Workshop were selected to help new and established scientists accelerate their research into the cause and development of new Macular Degeneration therapies. The organizers are hopeful that the Workshop will provide an overall comprehensive review of this field, including clinical and basic research areas that will help new and current investigations identify areas where additional research is needed. All early-career scientists and established investigators wishing to establish impactful research programs in Macular Degeneration are encouraged to attend. There is an additional $210 registration fee for RD2023 attendees or a $250 fee for attending the Fast Track only. The fee will cover meeting costs and the costs of breakfast, breaks, lunch, and dinner with the speakers.

You can register for the Macular Fast Track by going to the meeting registration page.


RD2023 registration


Macular Fast Track Speakers and Topics

Christine Curcio
Histopathology of AMD

Joe Carroll
Imaging and AMD

Gregory Hageman
Genetics of AMD

Aparna Lakkaraju
Cellular mechanisms that drive vision loss in AMD

Jainhai Du
Metabolism and metabolic defects in AMD

Andrew Dick
Immunology and AMD

Florian Sennlaub
The role of microglia in AMD

Dan Martin
Considerations for clinical trials in AMD